Modern Slavery Statement


Ten24 is a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm offering global organisations expert consulting and incident response services. We specialise in enhancing cyber resilience and effectively managing and mitigating attacks for our clients, which include some of the world’s most renowned companies. Ten24 fosters a collaborative culture, we celebrate creativity, value continuous learning, and prioritize work-life balance. Our team thrives in a dynamic environment, delivering modernised solutions with integrity and excellence, driving progress in the digital landscape.

We are deeply committed to upholding transparency and ethical standards throughout our supply chain. In accordance with the requirements stipulated in Section 54 of the “Modern Slavery Act” 2015, we are issuing this statement to articulate our approach to addressing and combating modern slavery.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery, as defined by the Modern Slavery Act 2015, encompasses a range of criminal activities involving the severe exploitation and abuse of individuals. These offences include:

Slavery: The unlawful practice of holding individuals against their will, often subjecting them to degrading and inhumane conditions, depriving them of personal freedom and basic rights.

Servitude: A form of forced labour in which individuals are coerced or compelled to work under the control of others, often enduring oppressive conditions and lacking the freedom to leave.

Compulsory Labor: The act of compelling individuals to work against their will, using threats or coercion, and leaving them with no choice in the matter.

Human Trafficking: The illegal trade and movement of people, frequently across borders, for the purpose of exploitation, which may include forced labour, sexual exploitation, or other forms of servitude.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 in the UK imposes a legal obligation on specific commercial organisations to publish an annual statement referred to as a “modern slavery statement.” This statement serves to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to addressing and combatting modern slavery within its operations and supply chains. It should outline the measures taken by the organisation to ensure transparency and prevent activities related to modern slavery.

Our Policies

At Ten24 we have implemented several policies to effectively manage and mitigate risks within our organisation. These policies include:

Disciplinary Policy: This policy outlines the procedures and expectations for addressing employee behaviour and performance issues.

Equal Opportunities & Dignity at Work Policy: This policy promotes fairness, respect, and a discrimination-free workplace, emphasizing equal opportunities for all employees.

Grievance Policy: Our grievance policy establishes the framework for addressing and resolving employee concerns and complaints.

Whistleblowing Policy: We have a whistleblowing policy in place to encourage employees to report any misconduct, unethical behaviour, or violations of company policies without fear of retaliation.


In 2023, comprehensive training was implemented to ensure that all our employees were well-informed about the Modern Slavery Act and fully understood the critical aspects they needed to be mindful of, in order to proactively address potential risks. Furthermore, we regularly assess and update our training requirements to maintain their relevance and effectiveness.

Board Approvals

The Board of Directors at Ten24 recognizes the significance of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and is dedicated to ensuring that the operations and supply chain remain free from any association with slavery and human trafficking. We have maintained a vigilant stance regarding the well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. At ten24 we are committed to transparency in its practices. The Board wholeheartedly affirms a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking. This statement has received the approval of the Board of Directors of Ten24 for the financial year 2023