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Cyber Security Strategy & Roadmap service

Our Cyber Security Strategy & Roadmap service is designed to provide your organisation with a clear and actionable plan to enhance your cyber security posture. We work closely with your team to assess your current security infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and define a strategic roadmap tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Our experts leverage industry best practices to develop a comprehensive strategy that encompasses prevention, detection, response, and recovery. We not only help in defining this strategy but also assist in its seamless implementation, ensuring that your organisation is well-prepared to counteract emerging cyber threats and protect its critical assets.

Policy Reviews and Updates

Maintaining up-to-date and effective cyber security policies is crucial for safe guarding your organisation’s information assets. Our Policy Reviews & Updates service ensures that your cyber security policies are in alignment with the latest industry standards, regulations, and best practices.

Our seasoned experts conduct thorough reviews of your existing policies, identifying areas of improvement and recommending updates to strengthen your security posture. We help in creating clear, comprehensive, and enforceable policies that empower your workforce to contribute positively to your organisation’s cyber hygiene.

Gap Analysis Against ISO27001/NIST/NIS UK Framework

Achieving compliance with established cyber security frameworks is pivotal in building trust with stakeholders and ensuring legal compliance. Our GAP Analysis service offers an in-depth evaluation of your organisation’s cyber security practices against renowned frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST, or NIS UK. We identify gaps in your current security controls, processes, and policies, providing you with a clear roadmap and actionable recommendations to achieve compliance.

Our goal is to enhance your security resilience while ensuring that you meet the necessary regulatory requirements with ease.

Regular GRC Review and Cyber Risk Management

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) are the cornerstones of a robust cybersecurity program. Our Regular GRC Review and Cyber Risk Management service provides ongoing evaluations and management of your cyber security risks, ensuring that your governance structures are effective and your compliance obligations are met.

We employ a risk-based approach to identify and prioritise potential threats, implement appropriate controls, and establish a continuous monitoring mechanism. This proactive stance enables your organisation to mitigate risks efficiently and maintain a resilient security posture.

Board Representation

Effective cyber security governance requires active involvement at the highest levels of an organisation. Our Board Representation service ensures that your leadership team is well-informed and engaged in cyber security matters. We provide seasoned cyber security professionals who can effectively communicate risks, strategies, and performance to your board, ensuring that they have the information needed to make informed decisions.

This service enhances the alignment between your cybersecurity strategy and your business objectives, promoting a top-down approach to cyber resilience.

Support with Technical Steer on Key Security Controls

Our Technical Steer service provides expert guidance on implementing and optimising key security controls such as Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), Identity and Access Management (IDAM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and more. We work closely with your IT and security teams to assess the effectiveness of your current controls, identify potential areas of improvement, and provide recommendations to enhance your security posture.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your organisation employs the best-in-class security controls, tailored to your unique needs and environment.

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